So Restaurant Bar Renovates its Interior Design with New Seating

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Urban style bistro in Arkansas redesigns its restaurant layout with a set of wood restaurant chairs and butcher block table tops from Seating Masters.

Arkansas seems remote to many people and the idea of an urban style bistro nested in the more quiet part of the US region seems novel, if not foreign to many but it exists. Starting a restaurant in the middle of Little Rock is a daring yet risky business venture. The nature of the restaurant business is competitive and not every establishment has the courage nor the luck to stay afloat but So-Restaurant Bar hit the jackpot with its Southern charm that lures visitors from the state. Offering the very best in fresh seafood and rustic meat dishes complimented by an extensive and diverse wines, SO gained prominence by Wine Spectator with their Award of Excellence. Whether you are looking to have a casual dinner on a date night, celebrating a special occasion, meeting with clients or hosting private parties, SO never ceases to impress with their impeccable services.

SO is more than you would expect from an ordinary bistro. This restaurant offers a culinary experience managed and overseen by innovative kitchen and wait staff. Each item you order from their menu is a perfect accompaniment to the concerts, live musical performances and other events it hosts. With a modest, home-cooked yet elevated selection of dishes, SO retains a relaxing laid back personality while serving up high quality fantastic food with the Chef’s Special being the highlight of the menu. A combination of fresh ingredients, expert cooking and cultural content ensure a high class dining experience to remember at this Little Rock institution.

Aside for the location, the interior design and the restaurant layout has an impact on the reputation of the establishment from ambiance to service and even the quality of the food. Striving to be a go-to restaurant for a fine dining experience in the Little Rock Area, SO wanted to update its décor with the right set of wood restaurant chairs and butcher block table tops assembled with cast iron table bases. They contacted Seating Masters who with over a decade of experience and service in the food industry knew exactly what they needed.


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With a timeless look and elegant beauty, the Premium US Made Beidermeir Wood Chair that exhales grace to any room. Made to withstand the stress of use in a commercial environment, this wood chair is constructed of the finest US made materials and is sure to serve your establishment for years to come. In addition to its sophisticated design and durable built, this wood restaurant chair can be designed to best fit your venue by choosing from a number of different options. Additionally, it is available in an array of wood finishes and comes standard with a solid saddle seat and nylon glides.

Butch block table tops are one of Seating Master’s sought after items and for a good reason. Made especially for commercial use, these wood table tops fit perfectly in any establishment – from upscale restaurants to small coffee shops. They flawlessly pair with any wood restaurant chair or bar stool Seating Masters’ sells. You can choose between an eased or bullnose edge. These solid wood table tops are available in 5 different finishes. You can also request for a custom stain from Seating Masters.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Come by to So Restaurant Bar located at 3610 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA. They can be reached at (501)-663-1464.

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