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Challenges and Trends Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers Face

The economic recession has had a negative impact on the commercial furniture retail industry as consumers have cut back on non-essential spending. However, there is an uptick in demand. As a matter of fact, the entire U.S. furniture industry has recently outpaced the economy. In spite of all that, commercial furniture manufactures are still presented with a set of challenges making competition stiffer in the coming years. While manufacturing in general face some of these obstacles, commercial furniture manufacturing is more sensitive to consumer demand, price fluctuations and tight competitive nature of the industry. As it with all emerging industry trends, meticulous planning is crucial to steering around the competitive landscape and overcoming the following hurdles.

Shortage in Skilled Laborers

An uptick in restaurant furniture manufacturing may require you to enlist more laborers. The strong economy weak dollar ratio has increased manufactured exports. As confidence builds among manufacturers, businesses are spending more money on their items. Additionally, the tax overhaul bill has dramatically lowered corporate tax rates which has potentially encouraged more spending among businesses. Despite these opportunities, skill labor shortage is a challenge which furniture manufactures still need to tackle and overcome.

According to an ASQ survey, 41% of furniture manufacturers reported that finding skilled workers is their greatest obstacle. As key laborers including craftsmen are moving into retirement, manufacturers may struggle to find replacements. If you cut training programs like many companies unfortunately do, you won’t be able to develop these important skills within your existing workforce either. Building and crafting restaurant chairs   and tables take skill, precision, and guidance. Be proactive in hiring your employees by either sending them to schools or start in-house training programs for those who are interested. Recruit contract workers to alleviate stress during busy periods or fill in the labor gap till you can afford long-term employees. Use your integrated <b>ERP</b>  system to bridge the manufacturing skill gap between the retiring and incoming workforce by organizing and making records of your manufacturing process, operations and data in one place.

Price Inflations

Prices on commercial furniture manufacturing are hiking due to factors from within and outside the industry. The increasing cost of materials for furniture, especially used on restaurant booths , may force you into a tight position. You are left with the options to eat the costs or pass them down the chain to your customers at risk of losing your business to competing manufacturers. Many restaurant furniture manufactures are prepared to eat increasing business costs to stay buoyant in the competitive environment. Changing labor laws may also contribute to rising costs. Eighteen states have witnessed a minimum wage increase back in December, 31, 2018. Subsequently, employees have more leverage to demand higher pay because of labor shortage. If talent and competency in workers are of high value to you, you may have to pay for them whatever the cost.

 You can program the ERP system and other data capturing systems with a Design-To-Cost approach with production. This process uses and maximizes real-time volume pricing and capacity data to reconcile cost objectives and design choices together. Implementing this method will allow your restaurant furniture manufacturing company to monitor and keep costs low while creating the furniture your customers want and need.

Fluctuation in Customer Demand/Preference

The bulk of the furniture market is composed of a range of people from baby boomers to millennials. When it comes to commercial furniture, preferences, and tastes and needs differ from each generation. Baby boomers and seniors are settled consumers and respectively represent 4% – 29% percent of the market. Millenials and the generation X group tend to be more affluent and make up 30% of the market. They also prioritize more sustainable product purchases. Cost increases and employee wage hikes are even more difficult for furniture manufactures to manage with fluctuating customer demands. Demand in the commercial furniture industry is heavily reliant on the customer’s tastes and on the restaurant design trends.

Trends have a major impact on commercial furniture manufacturing. With many venues going green, manufacturers are developing eco-friendly furniture. This trend is driven by environment concerns that many people seem to have. Although eco-friendly restaurant furniture is more expensive, the demand is on the rise giving manufactures an incentive to produce these items. Amateur restaurateurs on a tight budget will seek more affordable alternatives such as using rental companies and therefore less likely to invest in high-end furniture.  As a manufacturer, you can view these fluctuating trends as an opportunity to experiment with new designs and styles as well as your product offerings. If need be, divert your concentration to furniture that meets the demands of new customers. Collect and monitor data on customer demand to predict changes in demands and better respond to any trend with evidence based customer decisions.

Plant and Supply Chain Efficiency and Visibility

A recent study done by LECTRA found that boosting efficiency in operations is top priority among 22.3% furniture manufacturing companies. In order to oversee the improvement of productivity, you need an aerial view of production across your entire chain – not only within your headquarter.  Engaging with suppliers regularly will give you a better understanding of material availability and retailers to measure customer demands. You can capture production data within your plants to have a clear overview of your manufacturing process and create better workflows.

Your ERP system should give you better visibility on activities across your entire supply chain and increase efficiency of your ordering, inventory management and other procedures. An ERP system can help your furniture manufacturing company identify new marketing and business opportunities, quickly adapt to demanding shifts, and reduce expenses by tracking all the data coming in, through and outside parameters of your plants. But above all matters, you must be willing to address the challenges and trends you face to make the necessary changes for your commercial furniture company.

Essentials of Hotel Preventative Maintenance

hotel maintenance



Preventative maintenance is an essential tool for hospitality management. Especially in the hotel industry, it requires extensive knowledge of key areas of intervention, installations, equipment, and the flow of guests. Among the many types of existing maintenance, hotel preventative maintenance is thought to be the most effective asset in the hospitality industry as it is directly related to customer satisfaction.  

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Nearly anything you can imagine requires a little bit of preventative maintenance to a certain degree.  It is often seen as a damage control effort which also aims to anticipate and prevent future occurrences of disasters. Installing antivirus software on your computer, receiving the flu shot, or changing the oil on your car are some of many examples of preventative maintenance. Making small alterations now keeps problems from growing and spiraling out of control later. Poor planning can translate into an unstoppable crisis. Employing preventative maintenance is taking steps to proactively stop a problem before it starts.

80/20 Rule for Hospitality Management and Maintenance

There is an unofficial rule in the hospitality industry which urges hotels to increase their preventative maintenance operations and keep corrections of failures to the minimum using the ratio of 80 percent designated for planned tasks and 20 percent for unplanned jobs. This division was purposely designed to improve hotel guest experience. Since unplanned interventions are more costly, this informal policy leads bigger savings. Though the 80/20 ratio is a general rule that is willingly followed by many hotel owners, managers and staff, it is neither an imposition nor meant to serve as a consensus among maintenance managers in the hotel industry. It is merely stands to be used as a reference to set and pursue goals.

The 80/20 rule has another definition. In regards to hotel management, it can also mean that 80 percent of your work is based on 20 percent of your assets. Or that 80 percent of your expenses come from 20 percent of the hotel’s assets. The primary objective of this rule is to steer your efforts where it will show at least 80 percent of your results.

Prioritizing Guest Experience

Guest rooms are the most crucial assets at a hotel. Maintenance of these rooms needs to be seamless to ensure an excellent guest experience whatever the duration of stay may be. This is where hotel preventative maintenance steps in. It effortlessly works to counter issues that would otherwise disrupt the overall hospitality industry experience you want your guests to have. Hotel managers should steer their focus on their team’s efforts, especially on hotel areas that require full commitment to preventative maintenance – not only due to seasonal changes affected by the flow of guests but also the impact it has on customer satisfaction.

Key Areas of Prevention and Maintenance

Air conditioning is one of the most common guest complaints at hotels. Common issues include inability to reach desired temperature levels or the unpleasant odors emanating from vents. As such, this is one of the key areas which prevention maintenance needs to be focused on more attentively. Additionally, a lot of problems can be avoided by investing in good quality appliances such as lamps and relevant commercial grade furniture. Constant reparations and replacement of heating system elements and chairs, for instance, are expensive to make. They also can dampen guest experience. In case of a mold or drain system failure, even the smallest leaks in the plumbing system can not only cause great damage to the hotel infrastructure but also negate customer satisfaction.

All kitchen equipment should be inspected for operating efficiency and problems. Special attention must be paid to maintenance to ensure that quality standards and suitability are met by HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Parking lots form a first and lasting impression of hotels among guests. Pot holes need to be fixed. Storm drains need to be cleaned. Lighting needs to be inspected. Other common areas such as elevators, fitness rooms, pools, and dining areas also require prevention maintenance. Wobbly damaged tables are deterrence to an enjoyable guest experience. What is more, it’s senseless to wait for an accident to make repairs. Each infrastructure is different from one another and therefore presents their own set of needs.  If you know your own structure well enough, defining key areas for hotel preventative maintenance should be easy for you. Also, planning and reparations should be made without interfering with the guest’s stay.


 Streamlining Operations

Hotel prevention maintenance is not a one-man job. You will need to enlist help from highly trained staff members. In instances where there is a malfunction in any of the hotel’s system, ramifications can be calamitous as it affects more than one room. Having a professional crew on 24 hour standby is crucial to any hospitality management. They should be capable of localizing the source of energy on short notice to prevent further damages and losses. Especially when hiring in-house repairmen is not financially available for a start-up hotel.

Work with your staff to set up a schedule for preventative maintenance and lay out your instructions and expectations – all of which can be effectively done during periods and off-peak hours. Receive feedback from your maintenance staff. Delegate tasks they can handle but make sure they carefully inspect anything they can easily miss should an emergency situation arise. Conduct a test run for a week to see how much gets done before finalizing your plans.

If you can stop a disaster from happening, why wouldn’t you take action? Horror stories of floods, computer crashes, and more resulting unfold each day. Hotel preventative maintenance can save you time and money by keeping these problems from blooming into devastating catastrophes in the future. The outcome of keeping up your guest rooms is happy guests who will most likely return. Maintaining order in the back of the house is just as important as keeping up with the appearance of your entire hotel. Inspecting your hotel’s systems and facilities on a regular basis to preclude unexpected scenarios is a crucial aspect of preventative maintenance. If performed effectively, preventative maintenance accounts for all the hotel infrastructure specifics and draws and annual maintenance schedule is a way that guest experience is not hampered by it.

How Will Minimum Wage Laws Affect the Restaurant Industry?

restaurant minumum wage


Lawmakers in the District of Columbia have voted to raise restaurant server minimum wage and other cities across the USA are seemingly following suit. The promotion for the legislation of increasing restaurant minimum wage is a particular concern for restaurateurs who employ 10% of the US workforce.  

How Does Minimum Wage Affect Restaurants?

The primary concern which they all have is that mandating for raising restaurant minimum wage will increase labor expenses and decrease their profits which may put their business in jeopardy. To ensure their survival, they feel employee layoffs will have to be made or that they’ll have to raise menu prices – making their restaurants less accessible to the middle and lower classes. On the flip side, however, proponents for higher server minimum wage firmly believe that the increase will give more buying power to consumers which can have a positive effect on the economy and ultimately compensate for the loss of revenue due to increased labor costs. Additionally, they ascertain that updating the minimum wage law for restaurant employees takes precedent over economic growth.

What is the Minimum Wage for Servers?

The federal minimum wage currently remains at $7.25 per hour with minimum wage for tipped employees at $2.13 per hour, according to Nation’s Restaurant News. In 10 states, the increases are seen as a transitioning phase to reach $15.00 per hour. Eight more states have agreed to increase the hourly server minimum wage to adjust to the annual cost of living.  Washington D.C. and Oregon have witnessed a wage hike back in July. In D.C., the minimum wage of $12.50 per hour has risen to $13.25 and the minimum wage in Oregon has spiked from $10.25 to $10.75.  Wage rates for restaurant employers in the Portland area are even higher. 17 more states have campaigned for the increase in state minimum wage, reported the National Employment Law Protect.

Wage vs Tips: How you should pay your Staff

The topic of minimum wage alone has sparked a debate between proponents and opponents as it affects many people and businesses alike. Numerous points of view on this issue are still being challenged. It is, unsurprisingly, a divisive issue fraught with competing arguments.

Many restaurant labor laws are derived from the FLSA (Fact Labor Standards Act), an act which Roosevelt signed in 1938 stipulating the standards set for full-time and part-time laborers in Federal State, local governments and in the private sector. The FLSA establishes the rate for minimum wage, overtime pay, and recordkeeping as well as child labor laws for the food service industry to abide by. The FLSA minimum wage requirements entitle non-exempt workers to the federal hourly minimum wage unless the employee’s state’s law demands a higher wage. Hence, tips may be considered to be part of the wages but the minimum wage for tipped employees may not be less than the established rate. Employees who work over 40 hours per week is eligible for overtime pay which is 1 ½ times their regular pay rate. Likewise, employers are required to pay tipped employees who work overtime 1 ½ times the acceptable minimum wage but not 1 ½ times the tip rate they receive.  As for minimum wage requirements for youths, employees under the age of 20 are to be minimally paid $4.25 an hour during the first 90 days of their employment.

The FLSA essentially outlines the legal parameters for wage and tipping practices. But sometimes ensuring that your servers are earning minimum wage with tips can cause accounting complications. While the size of staff and volume of customers may vary per restaurant, tracking and recording server tips can be a daunting task to many restaurant owners. If tips are not accurate counted and reported, employers can face heavy fines as well as law suits related to improperly distributed pay. Restaurateurs, for this reason, need to carefully decide on best payment strategy for their business.

Balancing Restaurant Expenses without Compromising on Quality and Service

The entire issue boils down to the notion helping those with little while taking a bit from those who have more. With the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor, fighting for those who are struggling presents a moral issue more than a business one. Restaurants can react to the minimum wage hikes by:

  • Raising menu prices
  • Cutting labor costs
  • Reducing staff and hiring
  • Closing shop

Some of this can and will happen as restaurants live on the smallest of margins after all. Labor is the biggest expense. Increasing minimum wages can especially hurt small restaurants the most. However, there are ways for restaurateurs to restructure expenses in compliance to the minimum wage laws without them affecting quality and customer service but above all: firing staff. A little bit of strategic thinking, creativity and ingenuity can go a long way.

While the spike in minimum wages can interfere with employee recruitment, retaining current staff is one of the best ways to keep your labor costs down in long term. If you invest in your current term, monitor their progress and provide them with proper training and guidance, it will boost employee morale and create genuine loyalty to you. They will deliver better service, look after you, and respect your bottom line.  If you are looking for affordable solutions to updating your layout as you feel necessary, there are commercial grade furniture distributors who are willing to find the right restaurant furniture for your budget. You are likely to find restaurant tables and chairs  sold at negotiable prices.

So Restaurant Bar Renovates its Interior Design with New Seating

203004 -1


Urban style bistro in Arkansas redesigns its restaurant layout with a set of wood restaurant chairs and butcher block table tops from Seating Masters.

Arkansas seems remote to many people and the idea of an urban style bistro nested in the more quiet part of the US region seems novel, if not foreign to many but it exists. Starting a restaurant in the middle of Little Rock is a daring yet risky business venture. The nature of the restaurant business is competitive and not every establishment has the courage nor the luck to stay afloat but So-Restaurant Bar hit the jackpot with its Southern charm that lures visitors from the state. Offering the very best in fresh seafood and rustic meat dishes complimented by an extensive and diverse wines, SO gained prominence by Wine Spectator with their Award of Excellence. Whether you are looking to have a casual dinner on a date night, celebrating a special occasion, meeting with clients or hosting private parties, SO never ceases to impress with their impeccable services.

SO is more than you would expect from an ordinary bistro. This restaurant offers a culinary experience managed and overseen by innovative kitchen and wait staff. Each item you order from their menu is a perfect accompaniment to the concerts, live musical performances and other events it hosts. With a modest, home-cooked yet elevated selection of dishes, SO retains a relaxing laid back personality while serving up high quality fantastic food with the Chef’s Special being the highlight of the menu. A combination of fresh ingredients, expert cooking and cultural content ensure a high class dining experience to remember at this Little Rock institution.

Aside for the location, the interior design and the restaurant layout has an impact on the reputation of the establishment from ambiance to service and even the quality of the food. Striving to be a go-to restaurant for a fine dining experience in the Little Rock Area, SO wanted to update its décor with the right set of wood restaurant chairs and butcher block table tops assembled with cast iron table bases. They contacted Seating Masters who with over a decade of experience and service in the food industry knew exactly what they needed.


203004 -2


With a timeless look and elegant beauty, the Premium US Made Beidermeir Wood Chair that exhales grace to any room. Made to withstand the stress of use in a commercial environment, this wood chair is constructed of the finest US made materials and is sure to serve your establishment for years to come. In addition to its sophisticated design and durable built, this wood restaurant chair can be designed to best fit your venue by choosing from a number of different options. Additionally, it is available in an array of wood finishes and comes standard with a solid saddle seat and nylon glides.

Butch block table tops are one of Seating Master’s sought after items and for a good reason. Made especially for commercial use, these wood table tops fit perfectly in any establishment – from upscale restaurants to small coffee shops. They flawlessly pair with any wood restaurant chair or bar stool Seating Masters’ sells. You can choose between an eased or bullnose edge. These solid wood table tops are available in 5 different finishes. You can also request for a custom stain from Seating Masters.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Come by to So Restaurant Bar located at 3610 Kavanaugh Blvd, Little Rock, AR 72205, USA. They can be reached at (501)-663-1464.

Cure Restaurant & Bar Updates its Restaurant Design with Industrial Style Furniture

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Restaurant and bar gets a new look for its restaurant design with a new butcher block table tops, metal chairs and matching metal bar stools.

Food and drinks seem to be the cure for a  bad day. But sometimes we simply like to enjoy a good meal. Cure Restaurant & Bar guarantees you a dining experience to remember. They fervently *believe that good food, drinks and music brings everyone together. Dedicated managers and staff work hard with local businesses and the  rest of the Farmington community to make their restaurant a home away from home to guests by offering a vibrant and warm atmosphere. They aim to reflect their environment by keeping up with the latest food trends and changing with the seasons. At Cure, they try their utmost to pay close attention and fulfill the needs of their customers by creating new and exciting experiences  for them. Taking great pride in their business and craft, Cure continues to grow as a family and puts in a lot of effort to deliver the best experience their customers can have.

There is never a boring moment at Cure. A neighboring restaurant has recently closed, leaving its employees  out of a job. Cure has stepped up to the plate in helping them rebound from their devastating abrupt lost. They took matters further to offer them jobs and discounts to customers who either had gift cards or planned an event at that restaurant.  Last year, Cure hosted their very first annual Taste of Farmington which visitors sample food and drinks from over 20 vendors. Aside from their ever changing daily specials, Cure provides regular food, drink and music that guests can anticipate with excitement every week.

Keeping up with the latest trends doesn’t stop with food. Cure wanted to give its restaurant design a fresh vogue look. The industrial design has gained popularity over the recent years and many venues are increasingly drawn to the rustic warm look of metal and wood. Reputable for its experience in the food service industry and crafting durable restaurant furniture, Seating Masters has earned its title of being the to-go one stop shop for seating. They have every style for every taste and were able to supply Cure with the industrial style furniture of their choice.

204058 -1


When searching for metal chairs, the design on the Industrial Series Black Metal Chair caught their attention. Designed for style and built for durability, this industrial style metal chair comes with a strong black metal frame. The wood back and seat in a distressed walnut finish are made of premium construction. This metal restaurant chair makes a fashion statement for any decor which is why Cure ordered 45 sets of them.

Nothing completes the style of your design other than this Industrial Series black metal bar stool.  A set of these metal bar stools is all you need to bring style and comfort to your dining and bar area.  Featuring a metal frame in a black finish, its simple style will compliment your venue. The distressed walnut wood seat and back allows this metal bar stool to fit seamlessly into any design space, industrial, modern, looking establishment.

Designed to match the stain in most restaurant chairs and bar stools, these butcher block wood table tops perfectly in any establishment – from upscale restaurants to small coffee shops. wood table tops are available in 5 different finishes. If you require a custom stain or custom size, Seating Masters is more than happy to accommodate you which is what prompted Cure to contact them.

Seating Masters invites you to surf through their collection of commercial grade furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Check out Cure’s new restaurant design and mouthwatering specials at 55 Mill Street, Unionville  in Farmington, CT, 06085. They can be reached at (860)  234-7075.

El Burrito Mercado Upgrades its Restaurant Seating for its New Location

Seating Masters team up with El Burrito to redesign their floor layout with new restaurant seating at its new location.


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If you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine, you are in for a real treat at El Burrito Mercado. The experience begins from the streets in St. Paul where you smell the authentic delicious aromas of Mexican food that lead you to the kitchen where mouthwatering meals are being prepared by talented cooks at El Burrito. From simple yet irresistible tacos to gourmet quality chicken dishes, El Burrito has something to offer that will surprise you and even having you begging for more. There is no need to travel south across the border to enjoy a beef fajita. Everything you would expect from Mexican cuisine is all at El Burrito in St. Paul.

Having relocated to where Pepitos once stood, this 36 year old family run restaurant business plays host to 230 patrons at its current 13,000 square feet spacious location. Though the floor layout was redesigned with new restaurant seating, the high standards of delivering excellent food and service remains. What started as a tiny Mercado founded by Tomas and Maria Silva back in 1979 to meet the basic Mexican grocery needs for the Latino community in the Westside, has evolved to a destination in the heart of Saint Paul due to the increasing number of developed tastes for authentic Mexican cuisine which was a novelty at that time. With much sacrifice, hard work, and dedication along with the growing Latino demographics, the business blossomed and continues to thrive.

El Burrito Mercado is a truly one-of-a-kind restaurant as it offers so many dining experiences in one market place. This beautifully decorated restaurant is adorned with handpicked items from Mexican vendors sold in local markets. The quality selection of food from seafood, meats and fresh produce distinguishes it from competition. They even feature a café and bar featuring 4 different dining services: full-in service, buffet/brunch style, and cafeteria style and at an outdoor/patio area. They even have a designated dining space for private events. The growth and expansion that the restaurant has witnessed over the years is now being led and managed by the Silva children who strive to keep everything real without compromising on service, authenticity, and quality.


203656 -2


Since El Burrito Mercado kicked off, the restaurant attracts large crowds thus the demand for more and new restaurant seating was made.  Upon discovering Seating Masters’ reputation for crafting and manufacturing high quality commercial furniture made to withstand the daily rigors in the food industry, the Silvas contacted them in no time. When searching for restaurant chairs, they were drawn to the design of the X back metal chair and placed an order for 20 sets.  They felt the style would enhance the elegance of the restaurant décor. The restaurant’s bar is frequented a lot by patrons looking to grab a couple of drinks. To give their décor a cohesive look, the Silvas ordered matching metal bar stools.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

El Burrito Mercado is located at 175 Cesar Chavez st, Saint Paul, MN, 55107. They can be reached at (651) 319-3417.

Charter’s Yachts of Newport Beach Updates its Seating Layout

Seating Masters teams up with Charter’s Yachts to update their lounge design and layout with new wood bar stools and laminate tables.

202447 -1


Founded by the Goodin family back in 1992, Charter Yachts of Newport Beach continues to reshape and raise the industry standards by offering the best product and service at a competitive value to its loyal customers. Being a family owned business for 20 years, Charter Yachts takes great pride with its extensive experience in facilitating their customers with their event plans from weddings, funerals, to various social affairs. With over 40 years of determination and hard work, owners Norm and Penny Goodin have built their business from the ground up. Their perseverance and dedication have been the backbone of their successful business endeavors. The opportunity to share their passion for the ocean quickly turned into a full time operative yacht charter venture. As they continue to work side by side, the Goodins have revolutionized the yacht charter industry by offering their customers elegant and private yachts big enough to accommodate large groups.

Charter Yachts of Newport Beach was established upon the principles of providing their clients with the highest level of quality without comprising on their budget. Each event that is held is specifically tailored to the client’s needs. This unique venue stands out as it is the only yacht company that allows guests to enjoy the bay side Waterfront Lounge complimentary prior to boarding the yacht – delivering first class experience to them. Since clients selected that area t hang out, the Goodins wanted to update the lounge design with some fresh touches to enhance the décor. They reached out to Seating Masters who helped redesign the seating layout with new commercial furniture.


202447 -2


Built to meet the rigorous demands in the industry while maintaining its condition for long periods of time, the Designer Curved Back Wood Bar Stool was the perfect solution for their seating needs. This bar stool provides a versatile style and comfort that can easily blend in with most decors.  Available in a in a black wood finish and a padded tan vinyl seat, the Goodins were impressed by the design and ordered 20 sets of these wood bar stools. Providing the ultimate comfort and support, it should come to no surprise to you that these wood bar stools are in high demand in both the food and hospitality industry.

A durable table is an important business aspect for Charter’s Yacht. When your lounge attracts large crowds on a regular basis who are looking for a comfortable spot to drink and socialize, long lasting commercial tables come into play. Ensuring maximum durability at an affordable price, the Laminate Inlay Table Top is designed to withstand daily rigors in the hospitality industry. These laminate tables are constructed of 1 1/8″ thick, 45-pound industrial grade particle board with horizontal grade laminate and thermally-fused backer, creating a finished product that is 1 1/4″ thick. Your choice of oak, beech or maple species wood is used for the top edging. The table tops come standard with a 3/8″ nominal visible wood edge, but custom sized edges are also available at additional cost.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Charter Yachts of Newport Beach is located at 2527 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA. They can be reached at  (949)-515-1950.

Franco’s Pizzeria Redesigns its Layout with New Restaurant Seating

Pizzeria in Walden, NY updates its restaurant interior design with a set of metal chairs and matching metal bar stools along with tables provided by Affordable Seating.


140629 -1


Pizza is a favorite among many people and Franco’s Pizzeria makes sure it stays that way. When you are expecting fresh, authentic Italian food, Franco’s is irrefutably the grand champion. Apart for its reputation for its excellent customer service among the residents of Walden, this pizzeria boasts of using fresh ingredients that visitors savor. Taking Italian dining to a whole new level, Franco’s offers an experience to remember and even perhaps to relive. Upon entry, you are greeted with an aroma of freshly baked pizza and a newly renovated restaurant interior design that translates into the warm and friendly ambiance it proudly displays. You are led by a pleasantly mannered waiter/waitress who seats you and presents you with a menu of Italian delicacies. This pizzeria also offers gluten-free options that are just as sublime.


140629 -2


Since its establishment in 2008, Franco’s has been a home to the community of Walden where both the staff and customers alike are one big family. The owner wanted to update the pizzeria décor with a more elegant flair and turned to Affordable Seating for assistance. With over a decade of service in the food and hospitality industry, Affordable Seating knew which restaurant seating would best suit Franco’s for its business. To start with the seating, the owner felt the Window Back Metal Chair would highly compliment Franco’s setting. The window back design adds to the beauty of this black metal chair, making it sought after by restaurateurs nationwide. It comes standard in a sandblasted black finish along with a choice of frame finishes. You can also choose from a wooden or an upholstered seat with vinyl or fabric in many different colors.

The owner then decided to furnish his dining space with a set of Resin Table Tops  due to their durability and scratch resistant surfaces. Because Franco’s is a high traffic venue, long lasting restaurant tables were crucial for the business. Affordable and attractive, these table tops feature a 2” drop edge and a glossy resin surface that protects the table from stain and water damages. This table top comes in a variety of sizes and is available in walnut, cherry, and dark mahogany. Assembled together with an X prong cast iron table base, Franco’s had a restaurant table that promises many years of services.

If you are not just at Franco’s for the pizza and would also like some drinks, you can check out their remodeled bar section. The owner purchased a set of matching metal bar stools to complete the look of the pizzeria décor. Guests can now enjoy a shot of their favorite liquor whilst watching the latest sports events.

Check out our selection of commercial grade furniture at or contact a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

Come join Franco’s for good food and service at 74 Oak Street, Walden NY 12586 or call them at 845-778-7574 for more information.

Rubik’s Arcade Bar Updates its Design with Commercial Furniture

Seating Masters facilitates arcade and bar in El Paso TX with its interior bar design project by providing restaurant chairs, backless bar stools and tables.


If you are looking to be in touch with your inner child and enjoy a few drinks, you will fit right in at Rubik’s Arcade Bar. And if you want to relive the 80’s, this location is perfect for you. This arcade bar combines the best of both worlds by mixing nostalgic games you grew up with and 80’s inspired cocktails. 80’s are making a comeback from skinny jeans to current music with retro sounds from the 80’s. Believe it or not, soda companies are revamping their brands with throwback designs. Big screens at this bar are flooded with 80’s remakes. While the 80’s trend is a rave among many marketers and businesses, El Paso businessman and former high school teacher Alex Macias has been stuck in that era for years.

Ever since Macias was a little boy, he has always dreamt of opening up his own arcade as it was a huge part of his childhood. Having collected and repaired arcade games for over ten years motivated him even more to embark on this business venture. The idea of opening an arcade with a bar began to brew in his mind in 2004. His dream became a reality with the help of his wife Mariana and best friend Mark Sheridan and Rubik’s was born that January. The name was inspired by the Rubik’s cube, a popular toy from the 80’s. This venue is a blast from the past with over 50 arcade games and pinball machines lining its wall. Even if the 80’s trend is not your style, there are more up to date games that are based on current television shows that cost a quarter to 75 cents.

Rubik’s is not your typical bar. Its bar layout ideas are unique with names of cocktails that reflect 80’s pop culture. The menu includes Purple Rain, Pretty in Pink kazi, Margarita Beatbox and a Ghostbuster shot. If you are familiar with the all-America classic comical show the Simpsons, the bar serves the legendary Squishees with a lime margarita base. Some of their more popular drinks are the Talk Nerdy to Me made with Svedka raspberry vodka topped with a spoonful of Nerds candy. Speedy Gonzales is also another crowd pleaser made with Svedka mango pineapple vodka, rimmed with chamoy powder and topped with Mexican chili for some heat.


202540 -1


In recent years, Rubik decided to update its interior bar design with commercial furniture that would put a modern spin to its 80’s theme. They contact Seating Masters, a reputable restaurant furniture manufacturer with over a decade of experience serving the food and hospitality industry nationwide. They furnished their bar area with a set of Classic Backless Metal Bar Stools. These backless bar stools are built for style and durability. Starting at $41.00 per stool, you can choose from a wood or an upholstered seat. These bar stools feature a design that can easily blend in any décor from industrial, classic to retro which is why they are popular.

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For their dining area, they decided on the reversible table tops, each with a bar height X prong base. They then used the metal ladder back restaurant chairs for seating. The simple yet elegant ladder back design is what makes these restaurant chairs desirable among many drinking establishments. In addition to their beauty and durability, these chairs can be customized to fit most restaurant interior designs and themes. Customers can choose from our selection of frame finishes and seating options we offer for these chairs. To complete the look of your décor, we highly recommend our matching arm chairs and bar stools.

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Come by Rubik’s for some drinks and fun at 4025 N Mesa St Ste. A, El Paso, TX 79902, USA or call them for information about their hours of operations, services, games and drinks at 915-231-6750.

Boru Ramen Noodles updates its Restaurant Layout

“Noodle bar” in Arlington VA updates its restaurant layout with new commercial seating from one of America’s leading furniture distributor.

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Affordable Seating assists Boru Ramen Noodles in renovating the restaurant interior with brand new commercial grade furniture.

When we think of ramen noodles, an orange package of chicken flavored Maruchan ramen noodles almost immediately enters our minds. Among many of us, ramen noodles are essential for preparing a perfect meal in a matter of minutes. However, Boru Ramen has recently taken a dramatic twist on the ramen noodles. As a Japanese based restaurant, Buro includes all aspects of Asian flavors, especially Korean, in their salads, rice dishes, and ramen bowls. Shrimp tempura is one of the most popularly ordered appetizers in the menu followed by Gyoza; pan fried pork and vegetable dumplings. The menu features a variety of ramen noodle dishes, the Hakata Tonkotsu unanimously voted by most of the patrons as being a favorite.  For only 12 dollars, the dish presents a silky pork bone broth served with ramen noodles pork chashu, seaweed, egg, bamboo shoot topped with scallions and roasted sesame seeds.

The restaurant interior is described as being aesthetically pleasing, clean, and color coded. In addition to the red, black, and white color scheme, there are eight television sets playing music from the 80’s. But the venue is frequented by large crowds of patrons with insatiable cravings for ramen noodles; there was a high demand among the owner for high quality commercial seating. He saw Affordable Seating as a solution to his restaurant seating needs. Reputable for crafting high quality commercial grade furniture complimented by its outstanding customer service, Affordable Seating has served the food and hospitality industry nationwide for over a decade and still continues to do so.


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For the seating itself, the owner was attracted to the Italian design on the Premium US made Henry wood chair.  This chair is made of superior construction and meets BIFMA standards. Starting at $78.00, this top quality chair is made to last a lifetime and includes a choice of wood finishes, and an option for a wood or upholstered seat. He ordered them in a set of 32 and decided on a matching bar stool to complete the look of his décor.

Resin table tops are popular among high traffic dining establishments for their glossy yet scratch and water resistant surfaces. Both affordable and attractive, these wood table tops include a 2” drop edge. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, these table tops can be customized to meet the customer’s needs. But to create a durable restaurant table, X prong table bases were crucial as they provide the support table tops need.

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Boru Ramen is located at 2915 Columbia Pike, Arlington VA 22204. They can be reached at (703) 929-1973.