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Henry’s Sweet Retreat updates its Seating Layout

Leading commercial grade furniture distributor helps candy shop in Bethesda upgrade its décor with new restaurant booths and outdoor chairs.

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Affordable Seating lends its expertise and services to Henry’s Sweet Retreat in updating its interior design with new restaurant seating.

Tucked away in the quiet town of Bethesda, Tom and Patty Craver envisioned opening up a candy shop one day in memory of Tom’s grandfather.  Their vision was inspired by Henry and Martha, Tom’s grandparents who raised him on homemade cherry pies. Tom and Patty realized the lack of candy stores in the area.  They hoped to add a modern twist to traditional candy making.  After seeing a market opportunity, they took the liberty to undertake a business venture. In light of the grand opening in Surgarfina – an LA based candy store for adults in Betheseda Row.

Living in the Edgemore neighborhood with high school aged children, the Cravers strived for something more family oriented when they decided to establish their business. The space measures about 1,000 square feet with a 500 square foot mezzanine level which is reserved for kids’ birthday parties and other social events. The shop also features a bakery section which serves scones, cinnamon buns, cupcakes, shortcakes, and other desserts. With the support from the community, the Craver’s venue continues to grow in popularity.


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While configuring an interior design for their candy shop, the Cravers felt it was important to have furniture that would put much emphasis on the bright yet warm décor they wanted. They sought the expertise of Affordable Seating, a reputable restaurant furniture manufacturer who was able to help them with their seating layout. They started with Affordable Seating’s Plain Back Custom Booths which they ordered in lime green vinyl.  Made in the USA, these restaurant booths can be customized according to the customer’s specifications. The height, length, and shape can be adjusted. There is also a wide choice of vinyls and fabrics to design these booths with as the customer sees fit.

To create a child-friendly décor for their store, the Cravers decided on the Bistro Style Metal Chairs in a clear finish. These outdoor chairs make an economical and convenient choice for restaurant seating due to being lightweight and easy to stack. Ideal for both patio and indoor use, these chairs are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the food industry.  They are also made to last many years of service which was important to the Cravers.

To cruise through Affordable Seating’s collection of restaurant furniture, visit: or contact a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

Henry’s Sweet Retreat is located at 4823 S Elmo Ave Bethesda, MD 20814. They can be reached at (240) 483-0485.

Georgia Seafood Grill Renovates its Layout with New Restaurant Seating

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Leading restaurant furniture supplier helps seafood restaurant in Georgia upgrade its décor with new 6 channel back booths.

Affordable Seating helps Georgia Seafood Grill update the restaurant seating for its dining space with new 6 channel back booths.

Georgia Seafood Grill has captured the heart of Georgia through serving the finest and freshest seafood to the district. With a wide variety of appetizers and scrumptious entrées served in this upscale casual yet friendly atmosphere, Georgia Seafood Grill has become a place to create memories for both locals and tourists alike from birthday celebrations, anniversaries, to casual date nights.

The seafood restaurant has recently started a new chapter in its life when Zack Gowen assumed the role of the venue’s manager back in 2014. He took a leap of faith and started to make a list of changes he wanted to implement with the goal of maintaining the dining establishment’s glamour. One of the biggest yet first changes he made was moving the restaurant to a more prominent location in the village.

Gowen and his operational staff worked tirelessly to create a romantic and crisp new look. The walls were decorated with images of St. Simons, representing the restaurant’s history and connection to The Village. Finding competent waiting staff that will deliver exceptional service to his customers was crucial to him. With years of experience in the restaurant business, Gowen understood that assuring his customers the best dining experience is of the utmost importance.

Providing high quality food was also another huge factor. For Gowen, the bar has always been set high. He made some revisions with the menu while trying to find a balance with the many staples. With new items on the updated menu, Gowen sought out the freshest ingredients he could find to craft new dishes with them.

Once the ambiance and new vibe was in place, Gowen needed restaurant seating that would celebrate would celebrate all things in Coastal Georgia. Reputable for delivering top quality commercial grade furniture with remarkable customer service, he required the expertise of Affordable Seating.

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For restaurant seating, booths were a priority to Gowen. He contacted Affordable Seating to request an order of 6 Channel Back Booths both single and double. These restaurant booths are versatile in their functionality, design, and comfort. Like all of Affordable Seating’s custom booths, these restaurant booths can be adjusted to meet the customer’s specifications. Upholstery options are available to match any décor.

To view Affordable Seating’s full selection of restaurant chairs, bar stools, booths, tables and patio furniture visit or call a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884

Georgia Seafood Grill’s new location is at 407 Mallery St Saint Simons Island, GA, 31522. They can be reached at (912) 638-1197.

Il Giardino Pizza Cafe Upgrades its Restaurant Layout

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Italian pizzeria located in Spring House updates the layout of their dining room with new restaurant booths provided by Affordable Seating.

Leading restaurant furniture distributor teams up with the operational staff at Il Pizza Cafe to elevate the venue’s décor with several sets of exquisitely designed 3 channel booths.

Embark on a culinary journey through Italy with the re-entry into the heart of Pennsylvania. The Italian inspired restaurant is located in the heart of Springhouse but the dishes will have you transported back to Italy.  With wooden ceiling fans, hand painted artwork, and titled floors, the interior design of the venue symbolizes the granaries of old and how they represent the storage of food, where every grain is sacred and protected.

Great food and a memorable dining experience await guests at IL Giardino. The friendly wait staff stands by and is ready to delight customers with authentic Italian dishes made from fresh ingredients. The menu features a choice of dishes to choose from tasty paninis, pizza, and salads to fresh seafood, veal and house made pastas.  A nice Pino Noir, Pino Grigio or light Rose will go very well with any of the pastas made fresh in house. This restaurant also offers full service with pick-up, delivery, and catering.

As a venue that attracts a wide variety of customers and regularly experiences high traffic, the owner was looking for new booths that would complement his décor. He turned to Affordable Seating for assistance in helping him upgrade the restaurant layout with new seating. He contacted the leading commercial grade furniture distributor who is reputable for manufacturing high quality furniture at competitive prices.

119628 - IL Giardino

He ordered the 3 Channel Back Booths both single and double with upholstered in green vinyl. He felt the design and the upholstery color on these restaurant booths would highlight the warm Mediterranean rustic décor in his dining space.  The booths are also available in many colors and upholstery options making them a popular choice for restaurant seating in most trendy establishments. Like all of Affordable Seating’s restaurant booths, the 3 channel back booths are made in the USA and most can be customized to be built in any size and shape. Additional available customization options include head roll, welt cord, crumb strip and wood / laminate caps.

To learn more information about Affordable Seating’s full selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases, and patio furniture, visit them at: or contact a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

Il Giardino Pizza Café is located at 907 N Bethlehem Pike Spring House, PA, 19477. They can be reached at (215) 646-8034.

La Bamba Renovates its Dining Space with New Restaurant Furniture from Affordable Seating

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Affordable Seating gives La Bamba’s décor a new look for its grand opening with a set of new restaurant dining booths, wood table tops, and wood chairs.

Leading online commercial grade furniture supplier upgrades the décor of La Bamba’s dining space with plain back booths, wood ladder back chairs, and solid wood table tops.

If you are looking for a venue in Fort Lauderdale that serves affordable meals that are filling and flavorful, La Bamba is the place to go.  La Bamba’s menu features favorites from central and Latin American regions. With 6 locations in Florida, the small restaurant chain has earned its sterling reputation for its extensive dishes comprising of fajitas, burritos, steaks, soups and salads. The combos, however, are what make La Bamba unique in the restaurant business. Good luck walking out the door after devouring a chicken enchilada, chile relleno, and a beef taco served with yellow rice and fried beans.

The establishment itself was a long time American dream which the Molina Family realized in 1988.  Their commitment, hard work, diligence and devotion persevered when their first restaurant opened at its first location in Inverrary, Lauderhill.  The dining room has expanded from seating 58 patrons when La Bamba first opened to 234 people. Through passion for Mexican and Spanish food along with hard working staff and loyal customers, La Bamba has become a thriving entity providing a family friendly ambiance with Spanish music played in the background as diners enjoy their meals.

The Molina Family’s decision to mark Fort Lauderdale as the chain’s 6th location was influenced by the dynamic vibe of the area coupled with the city’s proximity to the seaport, airport, beach, and adjacent hotel chains. Known for being lively with tourists and locals alike, the Molina Family felt that Fort Lauderdale was the perfect spot for their establishment.  With the new location, management needed restaurant furniture to create a warm décor for the dining room’s interior.

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With years of expertise in the restaurant furnishing business, Affordable Seating was able to help La Bamba achieve the desired ambiance that set the stage for an enjoyable dining experience among patrons with high quality and decorative restaurant furniture.  The Molina Family contacted Affordable Seating and ordered from their Plain Back Custom Booths. Starting at $205.00, these restaurant dining booths are popular among many restaurants, bistros, and cafes nationwide. Customers can design these booths to match their décor with the various customization options that are provided.

To give their dining room a luminous look with warm undertones, Solid Wood Table Tops and the Wood Ladder Back Chairs were the perfect solution. Economically priced, the Molinas felt that the wood table tops and restaurant wood chairs that they purchased complimented their dining space with the stylish designs and the superior construction of these items.

To view Affordable Seating’s full selection of restaurant chairs, bar stools, booths, tables and patio furniture visit or call a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

La Bamba’s recent location is at 4245 North Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. They can be reached at (954) 470-0418.

Emmily’s celebrates the Grand Opening of their New Location with Restaurant Seating from Affordable Seating

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Leading restaurant furniture manufacturer supplies family style restaurant at their new location with new booths, wood chairs, and reversible table tops assembled with cast iron table bases.

Leading commercial grade restaurant furniture manufacturer, Affordable Seating transformed the layout of Emmily’s Family Style Restaurant & Grill for the grand opening at their new location with new restaurant seating.

A new beginning is another chance for a strong start.  Emmily’s wasted no time.  This family style restaurant has repositioned from their North Providence location and is currently serving to the community in Putnam Pike. Formerly a favorite dinner spot in Rhode Island for generations, Patricia and Nestor Noriega has found their calling in Johnston in no time. They led a new age with a renovated space furnished with high quality restaurant furniture to touch up their new establishment.

Nestor has been cooking since he was a teenager, specializing in breakfast and lunch. His wife, Patricia worked as a waitress. Their dream to open up a restaurant was realized in May 2013. Their venue has evolved from only 50 seats to a full dining room by Mother’s Day. They expanded their services with dinner on weekend nights in addition to breakfast and lunch which they serve daily. They had 90 seats at in their North Providence location but wanted to expand further. The Little Inn space in Johnston was perfect for them.

Residents in Johnston enjoy an all-day service of breakfast and lunch. The owners offer an extensive menu of American comfort food. They have takeout as well. The menu consists of eggs, waffles, French toast, sandwiches, wraps, seafood, Italian specialties and more. They also have a full bar where customers can unplug and enjoy a drink.

As their new location grew in popularity among the locals in Johnston, the Noriegas realized their dining space needed an upgrade. They contacted Affordable Seating who was not only able to provide them with high quality furniture but also customized the items to coordinate with the décor of the venue in accordance to their specifications.

121374 -Booths

The couple started with a set of 8 Plain Back Booths. Starting from omly $205.00 a set, these restaurant booths create a warm homelike ambiance with their comfortable seating and long lasting durability. Vinyls and fabric are provided to design these booths. The length, shape, and height are customizable which largely make them common choice for restaurant seating.

The completed their dining space with 28 sets of Leonardo Wood Chairs , followed by Reversible Table Tops assembled with X Prong Table Bases. The solid wood material on these items exudes a rustic yet warm décor for the restaurant’s scene which is what the Noriegas wanted.

To view Affordable Seating’s full selection of restaurant chairs, bar stools, booths, tables and patio furniture visit or call a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

Emmily’s new location is at Putnam Ave, Johnston, RI, 02919. They can be contacted at (401) 353-0444.

Affordable Seating puts Jerusalem Grill & Bar in the Spotlight with New Seating

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America’s leading restaurant furniture supplier adds Vegas glamour to Israeli bar and grill eatery with new restaurant booths, wood chairs, and tables.

Jerusalem Grill & Bar will have the BDS movement eating its heart out with its authentic Israeli dishes with the freshest ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrition. You can put your money on this culinary destination as it is acclaimed for its Mediterranean cuisine with robots flavors from the Holy City making its way to Sin City. Chefs parlay their talents and passion into providing locals and visitors with an authentic kosher dining experience. From silk flavorful hummus served with fresh pita to tender fresh shawarma folded up in homemade laffa bread overflowing with salad, Jerusalem Grill & Bar, Jerusalem Grill & Bar gets its own spotlight in the Las Vegas strip.

To upkeep its reputation for its stellar services, delicious food and enjoyable atmosphere, the interior design was in need of an upgrade. With years of expertise in the restaurant business, Affordable Seating was able to help Jerusalem Grill & Bar, enhance the décor that the restaurant owner wanted to achieve.  Ultimately, the owner required assistance from experts at Affordable Seating to redesign the layout of the restaurant creating an ambiance for customers to enjoy their meals Vegas style in class.

“Our Button Tufted Back Booths stood out for the owner at Jerusalem Grill & Bar” explained Affordable Seating’s sales representative, Brad. Like most of the restaurant booths that Affordable Seating sales, this Button Tufted Booth can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Customization of this restaurant booth includes shape, height, and length. A variety of fabric and vinyls are available in different colors to match the décor of any commercialized venue.

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“Then he selected from our wood tables as they are known for their durability”, Brad added. Made of pure solid wood, these restaurant tables come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Affordable Seating’s checkout system enables customers to order their restaurant tables with ease. “Furthermore, these restaurant tables’ pair very well with our Upholster Back Wood Chairs which is why the owner ordered a set of 62 from this restaurant chair” stated Brad.

Selling for only $67.00, these Upholster Back Wood chairs are constructed to withstand multiple uses. The “L” brackets are strategically placed on these restaurant chairs to maintain structural stability preventing them from wobbling. Each of these restaurant chairs include a black wood finish and are available with a wood seat or an upholstered material for cushioning.

To learn more about Affordable Seating’s restaurant chairs, table tops, table bases, booths, bar stools, patio furniture, furniture sets, cabinetry, dinnerware and more, visit: or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884.

Jerusalem Grill & Bar is located at 4825 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV 89103. For questions about their business hours, catering, and takeout services, they can be reached at (702) 341-5555.

Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill Teams Up with Affordable Seating for their Grand Opening

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Leading restaurant furniture supplier and manufacture gives Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill a new look for their restaurant by furnishing it with their restaurant chairs, wood table tops, and bar stools.

 Affordable Seating, a leading restaurant manufacturer has recently collaborated with Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill on their successful grand opening by supplying them with brand new restaurant furniture.

Known for its Turkish delights amid humdrum décor before contacting Affordable seating, Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill has a descriptive menu filled with an array of Mediterranean dishes. Located in Columbia, MD, this quaint restaurant has a descriptive name. The owner, Rudy Keskin, a Turkish native adds a new twist to a traditional fare.

Sticking to his Turkish roots planted in the Mediterranean, Keskin shares his passion and love for food through traditional Turkish recipes with a few Greek specialties. In hopes to create a warm atmosphere for the residents of Columbia and represent the Turkish community in that region, Keskin decided that he needed to upgrade the décor in his restaurant.

Established in 1998, Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill is reputable for its well-executed Mediterranean ethnic specialties – omelets, sandwiches, moussaka, lamb chops along with a gamut of appetizers and entrees that Keskin introduced to Columbia from his native hometown. Despite it all, Keskin felt the decor of his restaurant lacked character and decided that the humdrum restaurant furniture needed to be replaced.

Keskin contacted Matt, a customer service representative from Affordable Seating, requesting assistance in giving his venue a new sophisticated look that translates into his services. “Mr. Keskin was looking for quality restaurant furniture that would enhance the interior design of his restaurant”, Matt explained. The owner relied on Affordable Seating for its services and commitment to improving the restaurant’s wood scheme.

Rudy Keskin turned to Affordable seating due to their reputation and expertise in the restaurant furniture business. They stand behind their quality products and aim to ensure customer satisfaction with delivering durable yet elegant restaurant furniture. Keskin ordered Affordable Seating’s Button Tufted Back Double Booth along with a new set of Vertical Slat Wood Chairs, solid wood table tops, along with their beautifully designed yet very comfortable Metal Ladder Back Bar stools.



“The Button Tufted Back Double Booth was most sought after by the restaurant owner”, remarked Matt. “They are very durable yet comfortable adding elegance to any venue making them versatile which is what Mr.Keskin wanted”. The Button Tufted Back Double Booth is exclusively made in the USA and can be customized according to the customer’s specifications. Additional options include head roll, wet cord, crumb strip, and wood/laminate caps.  A large selection of vinyls and fabrics are provided to match any decor. Each piece sells for $522.00.

To browse through Affordable Seating’s full selection of patio furniture, booths, bar stools, restaurant chairs, and tables, visit or call a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884 for more information.

Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill is located at 7185 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD 21046. They can be reached at 410-290-2004.

Restaurant Helps Lenny’s Deli Update Their Seating

lennys deli

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps restaurant update its image by supplying it with new dining booths, bar stools and tables.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up with Lenny’s Deli in Avon Lake, Ohio, upgrade its image with new restaurant booths, bar stools and table tops. Continue reading Restaurant Helps Lenny’s Deli Update Their Seating

Restaurant Furniture Canada Helps The Kabab Shoppe With Its Successful Grand Opening

kabab shoppe booths and chairs

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture supplier helps Ontario Middle Eastern restaurant to a successful grand opening by supplying it with new commercial chairs, restaurant booths and tables.

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor, Restaurant Furniture Canada recently helped The Kabab Shoppe in Pickering, Ontario furnish their restaurant for their grand opening by supplying it with new restaurant chairs, dining booths and table tops. Continue reading Restaurant Furniture Canada Helps The Kabab Shoppe With Its Successful Grand Opening

Restaurant Helps Thai Hana With Its Grand Opening

thai hana

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps Pittsburgh Thai restaurant with its grand opening by supplying it tables, US made restaurant booths and solid wood restaurant chairs.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up with Thai Hana in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania to help with their grand opening by supplying them with table tops, US made solid wood restaurant chairs and dining booths. Thai Hana serves authentic Thai cuisine with popular dishes such as pad Thai, California rolls, crab angel and crispy rolls. Continue reading Restaurant Helps Thai Hana With Its Grand Opening