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El Burrito Mercado Upgrades its Restaurant Seating for its New Location

Seating Masters team up with El Burrito to redesign their floor layout with new restaurant seating at its new location.


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If you are in the mood for Mexican cuisine, you are in for a real treat at El Burrito Mercado. The experience begins from the streets in St. Paul where you smell the authentic delicious aromas of Mexican food that lead you to the kitchen where mouthwatering meals are being prepared by talented cooks at El Burrito. From simple yet irresistible tacos to gourmet quality chicken dishes, El Burrito has something to offer that will surprise you and even having you begging for more. There is no need to travel south across the border to enjoy a beef fajita. Everything you would expect from Mexican cuisine is all at El Burrito in St. Paul.

Having relocated to where Pepitos once stood, this 36 year old family run restaurant business plays host to 230 patrons at its current 13,000 square feet spacious location. Though the floor layout was redesigned with new restaurant seating, the high standards of delivering excellent food and service remains. What started as a tiny Mercado founded by Tomas and Maria Silva back in 1979 to meet the basic Mexican grocery needs for the Latino community in the Westside, has evolved to a destination in the heart of Saint Paul due to the increasing number of developed tastes for authentic Mexican cuisine which was a novelty at that time. With much sacrifice, hard work, and dedication along with the growing Latino demographics, the business blossomed and continues to thrive.

El Burrito Mercado is a truly one-of-a-kind restaurant as it offers so many dining experiences in one market place. This beautifully decorated restaurant is adorned with handpicked items from Mexican vendors sold in local markets. The quality selection of food from seafood, meats and fresh produce distinguishes it from competition. They even feature a café and bar featuring 4 different dining services: full-in service, buffet/brunch style, and cafeteria style and at an outdoor/patio area. They even have a designated dining space for private events. The growth and expansion that the restaurant has witnessed over the years is now being led and managed by the Silva children who strive to keep everything real without compromising on service, authenticity, and quality.


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Since El Burrito Mercado kicked off, the restaurant attracts large crowds thus the demand for more and new restaurant seating was made.  Upon discovering Seating Masters’ reputation for crafting and manufacturing high quality commercial furniture made to withstand the daily rigors in the food industry, the Silvas contacted them in no time. When searching for restaurant chairs, they were drawn to the design of the X back metal chair and placed an order for 20 sets.  They felt the style would enhance the elegance of the restaurant décor. The restaurant’s bar is frequented a lot by patrons looking to grab a couple of drinks. To give their décor a cohesive look, the Silvas ordered matching metal bar stools.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

El Burrito Mercado is located at 175 Cesar Chavez st, Saint Paul, MN, 55107. They can be reached at (651) 319-3417.

Charter’s Yachts of Newport Beach Updates its Seating Layout

Seating Masters teams up with Charter’s Yachts to update their lounge design and layout with new wood bar stools and laminate tables.

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Founded by the Goodin family back in 1992, Charter Yachts of Newport Beach continues to reshape and raise the industry standards by offering the best product and service at a competitive value to its loyal customers. Being a family owned business for 20 years, Charter Yachts takes great pride with its extensive experience in facilitating their customers with their event plans from weddings, funerals, to various social affairs. With over 40 years of determination and hard work, owners Norm and Penny Goodin have built their business from the ground up. Their perseverance and dedication have been the backbone of their successful business endeavors. The opportunity to share their passion for the ocean quickly turned into a full time operative yacht charter venture. As they continue to work side by side, the Goodins have revolutionized the yacht charter industry by offering their customers elegant and private yachts big enough to accommodate large groups.

Charter Yachts of Newport Beach was established upon the principles of providing their clients with the highest level of quality without comprising on their budget. Each event that is held is specifically tailored to the client’s needs. This unique venue stands out as it is the only yacht company that allows guests to enjoy the bay side Waterfront Lounge complimentary prior to boarding the yacht – delivering first class experience to them. Since clients selected that area t hang out, the Goodins wanted to update the lounge design with some fresh touches to enhance the décor. They reached out to Seating Masters who helped redesign the seating layout with new commercial furniture.


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Built to meet the rigorous demands in the industry while maintaining its condition for long periods of time, the Designer Curved Back Wood Bar Stool was the perfect solution for their seating needs. This bar stool provides a versatile style and comfort that can easily blend in with most decors.  Available in a in a black wood finish and a padded tan vinyl seat, the Goodins were impressed by the design and ordered 20 sets of these wood bar stools. Providing the ultimate comfort and support, it should come to no surprise to you that these wood bar stools are in high demand in both the food and hospitality industry.

A durable table is an important business aspect for Charter’s Yacht. When your lounge attracts large crowds on a regular basis who are looking for a comfortable spot to drink and socialize, long lasting commercial tables come into play. Ensuring maximum durability at an affordable price, the Laminate Inlay Table Top is designed to withstand daily rigors in the hospitality industry. These laminate tables are constructed of 1 1/8″ thick, 45-pound industrial grade particle board with horizontal grade laminate and thermally-fused backer, creating a finished product that is 1 1/4″ thick. Your choice of oak, beech or maple species wood is used for the top edging. The table tops come standard with a 3/8″ nominal visible wood edge, but custom sized edges are also available at additional cost.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Charter Yachts of Newport Beach is located at 2527 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663, USA. They can be reached at  (949)-515-1950.

Rubik’s Arcade Bar Updates its Design with Commercial Furniture

Seating Masters facilitates arcade and bar in El Paso TX with its interior bar design project by providing restaurant chairs, backless bar stools and tables.


If you are looking to be in touch with your inner child and enjoy a few drinks, you will fit right in at Rubik’s Arcade Bar. And if you want to relive the 80’s, this location is perfect for you. This arcade bar combines the best of both worlds by mixing nostalgic games you grew up with and 80’s inspired cocktails. 80’s are making a comeback from skinny jeans to current music with retro sounds from the 80’s. Believe it or not, soda companies are revamping their brands with throwback designs. Big screens at this bar are flooded with 80’s remakes. While the 80’s trend is a rave among many marketers and businesses, El Paso businessman and former high school teacher Alex Macias has been stuck in that era for years.

Ever since Macias was a little boy, he has always dreamt of opening up his own arcade as it was a huge part of his childhood. Having collected and repaired arcade games for over ten years motivated him even more to embark on this business venture. The idea of opening an arcade with a bar began to brew in his mind in 2004. His dream became a reality with the help of his wife Mariana and best friend Mark Sheridan and Rubik’s was born that January. The name was inspired by the Rubik’s cube, a popular toy from the 80’s. This venue is a blast from the past with over 50 arcade games and pinball machines lining its wall. Even if the 80’s trend is not your style, there are more up to date games that are based on current television shows that cost a quarter to 75 cents.

Rubik’s is not your typical bar. Its bar layout ideas are unique with names of cocktails that reflect 80’s pop culture. The menu includes Purple Rain, Pretty in Pink kazi, Margarita Beatbox and a Ghostbuster shot. If you are familiar with the all-America classic comical show the Simpsons, the bar serves the legendary Squishees with a lime margarita base. Some of their more popular drinks are the Talk Nerdy to Me made with Svedka raspberry vodka topped with a spoonful of Nerds candy. Speedy Gonzales is also another crowd pleaser made with Svedka mango pineapple vodka, rimmed with chamoy powder and topped with Mexican chili for some heat.


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In recent years, Rubik decided to update its interior bar design with commercial furniture that would put a modern spin to its 80’s theme. They contact Seating Masters, a reputable restaurant furniture manufacturer with over a decade of experience serving the food and hospitality industry nationwide. They furnished their bar area with a set of Classic Backless Metal Bar Stools. These backless bar stools are built for style and durability. Starting at $41.00 per stool, you can choose from a wood or an upholstered seat. These bar stools feature a design that can easily blend in any décor from industrial, classic to retro which is why they are popular.

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For their dining area, they decided on the reversible table tops, each with a bar height X prong base. They then used the metal ladder back restaurant chairs for seating. The simple yet elegant ladder back design is what makes these restaurant chairs desirable among many drinking establishments. In addition to their beauty and durability, these chairs can be customized to fit most restaurant interior designs and themes. Customers can choose from our selection of frame finishes and seating options we offer for these chairs. To complete the look of your décor, we highly recommend our matching arm chairs and bar stools.

Learn more about Seating Masters’ selection of commercial grade chairs, bar stools, booths, table tops, table bases and patio furniture here or speak to a customer service representative at (888) 941-6888.

Come by Rubik’s for some drinks and fun at 4025 N Mesa St Ste. A, El Paso, TX 79902, USA or call them for information about their hours of operations, services, games and drinks at 915-231-6750.

Juniper Restaurant Upgrades its Restaurant Seating for its Grand Opening

Affordable Seating upgrades the interior design of Juniper Restaurant with new restaurant seating for its grand opening.

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Leading commercial grade manufacturer works together with restaurant in Boise in preparations for its grand opening with a set of new curved back wood chairs and matching bar stools.

Juniper puts a lot of heart and soul into the ingredients they use in their dishes. The menu is comprised of food that is non-MSG, organic, local eggs, cage free chicken and grass-fed beef. The management staff work closely with local farmers and purveyors to incorporate flavor and integrity in these products. Juniper’s wine and beer section put a lot of focus on winemakers and local brewers who strive to ensure that guests enjoy their drinks.  Ultimately, the goal of Juniper is to provide food and drink that is comforting and straightforward and well as an environment where long-time customers and bypassing visitors can feel right at home.

Chefs tend to concentrate on the high popularity of comfort food trends while creating American classics of old-time recipes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant also includes chefs tables where guests can watch their meals being prepared served with a pairing wine exclusively selected by Chef Aaron. Shortly after the establishment of Juniper, the operational staff made several renovations with the interior design and seating layout. They sought the expertise of Affordable Seating, a reputable distributor for craft making and manufacturing high quality commercial grade furniture.

For the restaurant’s dining room, the owner decided on the Curved Back Wood Chairs. Constructed to withstand the rigorous conditions in the food industry, these restaurant wood chairs were ideal for the owner’s high traffic business.  The L brackets are strategically placed to maintain the chair’s structural stability thus preventing wobbling. Each of these chairs feature a black wood finish with a choice of a wood or an upholstered seat.  Standard vinyls are available in black, green, and burgundy.


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To give his décor a cohesive look, he ordered matching Curved Back Wood Bar Stools for his bar section. These stylish designer wood bar stools add class and sophistication to lounges, taverns, cafes, bistros, and any dining establishment.  These elegantly designed bar stools fit perfectly in at an upscale venue which are sure to impress.  Much like the curved back wood chairs, these bar stools include customization options and choices for a wood or an upholstered seat.

 To be informed about Affordable Seating’s restaurant furniture including sets, cabinetry, dinnerware and sales, visit: or contact a sales representative at (888) 495-8884.

Juniper Restaurant is located at 221 N 8th St Boise, ID 83702. They can be reached at (208) 342-1142.

Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill Teams Up with Affordable Seating for their Grand Opening

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Leading restaurant furniture supplier and manufacture gives Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill a new look for their restaurant by furnishing it with their restaurant chairs, wood table tops, and bar stools.

 Affordable Seating, a leading restaurant manufacturer has recently collaborated with Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill on their successful grand opening by supplying them with brand new restaurant furniture.

Known for its Turkish delights amid humdrum décor before contacting Affordable seating, Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill has a descriptive menu filled with an array of Mediterranean dishes. Located in Columbia, MD, this quaint restaurant has a descriptive name. The owner, Rudy Keskin, a Turkish native adds a new twist to a traditional fare.

Sticking to his Turkish roots planted in the Mediterranean, Keskin shares his passion and love for food through traditional Turkish recipes with a few Greek specialties. In hopes to create a warm atmosphere for the residents of Columbia and represent the Turkish community in that region, Keskin decided that he needed to upgrade the décor in his restaurant.

Established in 1998, Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill is reputable for its well-executed Mediterranean ethnic specialties – omelets, sandwiches, moussaka, lamb chops along with a gamut of appetizers and entrees that Keskin introduced to Columbia from his native hometown. Despite it all, Keskin felt the decor of his restaurant lacked character and decided that the humdrum restaurant furniture needed to be replaced.

Keskin contacted Matt, a customer service representative from Affordable Seating, requesting assistance in giving his venue a new sophisticated look that translates into his services. “Mr. Keskin was looking for quality restaurant furniture that would enhance the interior design of his restaurant”, Matt explained. The owner relied on Affordable Seating for its services and commitment to improving the restaurant’s wood scheme.

Rudy Keskin turned to Affordable seating due to their reputation and expertise in the restaurant furniture business. They stand behind their quality products and aim to ensure customer satisfaction with delivering durable yet elegant restaurant furniture. Keskin ordered Affordable Seating’s Button Tufted Back Double Booth along with a new set of Vertical Slat Wood Chairs, solid wood table tops, along with their beautifully designed yet very comfortable Metal Ladder Back Bar stools.



“The Button Tufted Back Double Booth was most sought after by the restaurant owner”, remarked Matt. “They are very durable yet comfortable adding elegance to any venue making them versatile which is what Mr.Keskin wanted”. The Button Tufted Back Double Booth is exclusively made in the USA and can be customized according to the customer’s specifications. Additional options include head roll, wet cord, crumb strip, and wood/laminate caps.  A large selection of vinyls and fabrics are provided to match any decor. Each piece sells for $522.00.

To browse through Affordable Seating’s full selection of patio furniture, booths, bar stools, restaurant chairs, and tables, visit or call a customer service representative at (888) 495-8884 for more information.

Rudy’s Mediterranean Grill is located at 7185 Columbia Gateway Drive, Columbia, MD 21046. They can be reached at 410-290-2004.

Restaurant Helps Sip & Savor With Its Grand Opening

sip and savor

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps Chicago coffee shop with its grand opening by supplying it with new tables and bar stools.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up Sip & Savor with by supplying it with new commercial bar stools and table tops for their grand opening. Continue reading Restaurant Helps Sip & Savor With Its Grand Opening

Affordable Seating Helps he Bench To a Successful Grand Opening

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Leading restaurant furniture supplier provides new American made commercial chairs to Stony Brook restaurant & bar for their grand opening.

Leading restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor Affordable Seating recently helped The Bench, in Stony Brook, New York with the grand opening of their new restaurant by supplying them with new solid wood, American made restaurant chairs. Continue reading Affordable Seating Helps he Bench To a Successful Grand Opening

Restaurant Helps Lenny’s Deli Update Their Seating

lennys deli

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps restaurant update its image by supplying it with new dining booths, bar stools and tables.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up with Lenny’s Deli in Avon Lake, Ohio, upgrade its image with new restaurant booths, bar stools and table tops. Continue reading Restaurant Helps Lenny’s Deli Update Their Seating

Affordable Seating Helps Dutch Haven Golf Course With Its Grand Opening


Leading restaurant furniture supplier helps NY restaurant to a successful grand opening by supplying them with new commercial chairs, bar stools and tables.

Restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor, Affordable Seating, recently helped Dutch Haven Golf Course to a successful grand opening by supplying them with new restaurant chairs, bar stools, table tops and bases. Continue reading Affordable Seating Helps Dutch Haven Golf Course With Its Grand Opening

Restaurant Helps Copper Penny Pub Upgrade Its Seating

copper penny pub

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps Hot Springs, AR pub and café upgrade its seating by supplying it with new restaurant chairs and bar stools.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up with Copper Penny Pub upgrade the seating for their café and pub in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Continue reading Restaurant Helps Copper Penny Pub Upgrade Its Seating