Seating Masters Helps Bull’s Eye Saloon Update It’s Seating

bulls eye

Restaurant furniture supplier provides restaurant booths and restaurant chairs to Delaware saloon and restaurant.

Leading restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor Seating Masters recently helped Bull’s Eye Saloon in Wilmington, Delaware redesign its dining room seating by giving it a fresh look with new booths and commercial chairs. Continue reading Seating Masters Helps Bull’s Eye Saloon Update It’s Seating

Restaurant Furniture Canada Helps The Bee’s Knees Cafe

The Bee's Knees Cafe
The Bee’s Knees Cafe

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture supplier helps De Winton, AB cafe with its grand opening by supplying it with new solid wood table tops and table bases.

Canada’s leading restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor, Restaurant Furniture Canada recently helped the Bee’s Knees Cafe with its grand opening by supplying it with new American made table tops.

The Bee’s Knees Café is a bakery and restaurant in DeWinton, Alberta. The café is located in the Heritage Pointe Village Center.They serve coffee and fresh baked goods and home-cooked meals made from scratch. All of their food is made with locally sourced ingredients. In addition to baked goods they also serve dishes such as curry chicken, salad and soup. They offer also offer gluten free food. The Bee’sKnees is kid friendly and can be rented out for private parties. They also have free wi-fi for their customers.

The Bee’s Knees has also partnered with Manuel Latruwe to provide Belgium pastries and Fiasco to supply small batch artisan gelato. There is also live entertainment at the Bee’s Knees. On select dates there is open mic night. They have also had acoustic jam sessions. Anyone is allowed to join and participate. They also showcase art from local artists. Customers can buy the paintings if they are interested.

“The owner the Bee’s Knees Cafe contacted Restaurant Furniture Canada for new solid wood table tops and because of their reputation for high quality at competitive prices”, salesperson Chris explained. “He decided to go with Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Premium Solid Wood Plank Table Top in walnut finish and eased edge. The table tops are 1.5 inches thick. He bought X-prong table bases which are sold separately. Prices for table bases start at $36.

Prices for Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Premium Solid Wood Table Top start at $81. Customers can choose from 6 different finishes or have a custom finish made for an additional charge. Like many of Restaurant Furniture Canada’s wood furniture, the Restaurant Furniture Canada’s Premium Solid Wood Plank Table Top are made in the USA from FCS certified wood responsibly harvested in the Midwest.

To browse Restaurant Furniture Canada’s full selection of chairs, bar stools, table tops, table bases, booths and patio furniture visit or talk to a customer service representative at (888) 998-4222 for answers to all your questions on restaurant furniture.

The Bee’s Knees Café is located at 412 Pine Creek Road in De Winton, AB. They can be contacted at: (403) 256-0618.

Restaurant Teams Up With The Porch to Upgrade Their Seating

the porch bar stools

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Restaurant recently teamed up with The Porch to supply it with wood bar stools for their newly remodeled craft beer and wine bar.

The Porch is a craft beer and wine bar in Key West, Florida. Three Kew West entrepreneurs opened the bar in an old, historic town home on Caroline Street in 2010. The Porch at 429 Caroline St., at the intersection with Duval Street, has quickly stirred up positive buzz around town because of its selection of handcrafted microbrews and chill atmosphere. “We just wanted a good little local speakeasy,” co-owner Chris Shultz said. Continue reading Restaurant Teams Up With The Porch to Upgrade Their Seating

Affordable Seating and Campfire Grill Team-up For a Successful Grand Opening

Campfire grill tables and chairs

Leading restaurant furniture supplier Affordable Seating helps Ohio bar and grill to a successful grand opening by supplying them with new commercial chairs and bar stools.

Restaurant furniture manufacturer and distributor, Affordable Seating, recently helped Campfire Grill in Grand Rapids, Ohio to a successful grand opening by supplying them with new restaurant chairs and bar stools.

Previously the Sportsman’s Club and Roadhouse, Campfire Grill is a family friendly restaurant that provides live entertainment most Thursdays and every Friday and Saturday night. They have 18 flat screens and 2 projector screens for fans to watch sporting events. Some of their popular dishes are their 1/2 lb. Angus burgers, wings, and steaks. Campfire Grill has outdoor seating overlooking the 3 acre pond and seating on the back patio. They also have a new on site campground that takes reservations. The campground has full electric hook-up. Continue reading Affordable Seating and Campfire Grill Team-up For a Successful Grand Opening

Seating Masters Helps Boundaries Bar & Grill to a Successful Grand Opening – PR

Boundaries Bar and Grill - Bar Stools

Leading Restaurant furniture distributor helps Benoit, WI bar and grill to a successful grand opening by supplying it with new restaurant chairs, bar stools and solid wood table tops.

Leading commercial furniture distributor, Seating Masters recently teamed up with Boundaries Bar & Grill in Beloit, WI for a successful grand opening of their new bar and by supplying them with new commercial chair, bar stools, table tops and table bases.

Located in Beloit in northern Wisconsin, Boundaries is a western style bar and grill. They serve American cuisine which includes unique western style specialties such as fried pickle chips and Wisconsin cheese curds for appetizers. Other signature dishes include Hayward Haystacks, fence-post fries, smothered chicken and the Bunyan Burger.

Attached to the bar and grill is a large banquet hall called the Birch Room. The hall can seat many people and is also open to dancing and entertainment such as line dancing. They have other events such as casino trips Continue reading Seating Masters Helps Boundaries Bar & Grill to a Successful Grand Opening – PR

How to Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

family friendly

More families are dining out than ever before and are becoming one of the largest consumer groups for restaurants. Families are an important segment of the population to target. If you are not targeting families, you are likely losing business to the competition because they are many family restaurants, both individually owned and popular chains such as Olive Garden. So how do you get more families into your restaurant?

One of the best ways to attract families to your restaurant is to make them more kid-friendly. This includes having a children’s menu. The children’s menu should have popular meals that appeal to kids such as burgers, tacos and ravioli. Parents are also becoming more concerned about child obesity, so offer some healthy children’s dishes such as Turkey Sloppy Joes which has less saturated fat than Beef  ones. The portions should also be smaller since children don’t eat the same amount as adults, which will save you money.  Continue reading How to Make Your Restaurant Family Friendly

8 Habits of a Successful Restaurant

fancy restaurant

This post is courtesy of our guest blogger Scott Simon:

The restaurant business is very competitive. Half of all restaurants fail in the first couple of years. Running a successful restaurant depends on a number of factors. We’ve scoured the internet to find out what are the key habits to running a successful restaurant. Here’s what we found:

  • Use quality ingredients. It doesn’t matter how many Michelin stars your restaurant has. If you are not consistently serving top quality food, your customers will not come back and your sales will fall. Always use fresh, top quality ingredients. If you have to save money, don’t do it by sacrificing the quality of you r food.


  • Treat your employees with respect. It’s no secret, running a restaurant can be very stressful. When the dinner rush comes in and customers are getting impatient and the kitchen staff starts scrambling it can be easy to lose your cool. But don’t take it out on your employees. It’s important to remind yourself and your staff that everyone is a team and it’s important to work as a team. Yelling at your employees will result in negativity trickling down to the guests and will result in complaints. A positive attitude can be contagious. Set a good example and you will be rewarded with a happy staff and happy guests.

Continue reading 8 Habits of a Successful Restaurant

Planning a Menu for Success

Restaurant Menu
Restaurant Menu

This post is courtesy of our guest blogger Scott Simon:

A well-planned menu is one of the keys to a successful restaurant. It is important to know what you customers want and how to design the menu so that it is appealing. Before you can plan your menu you need to know and understand the market you want to target. You probably will not want to create a high-priced menu with French cuisine if your restaurant is in a college town with a large, young student population and a small population of residents with high disposable income. If your restaurant is an in area with a large population of senior citizens you should use large font that can be easily read in dim lighting.  If you own a family restaurant you can make your menu more appealing to children by including interest artwork and picture of the dishes.

One way of getting to know your target audience is by conducting a surveys or a marketing audit. You can do this with survey forms or a suggestion box in your restaurant. You should also research trade publications and your competition. Look at their menus, what they are offering and the prices they charge. When you know what your customers want and what other restaurants in the area are charging this will help you create an appealing menu that will give you the edge over the competition. Continue reading Planning a Menu for Success

Buying Furniture Online vs. Retail


For entrepreneurs in the restaurant and hospitality industry, any way to save money helps the bottom line. After all, there are a lot of expenses when opening a new restaurant. There are many expenses involved including paying for the business license, leasing or buying the property, building or remodeling the structure, hiring staff, buying equipment, insurance and of course buying restaurant furniture. It’s fair to say that buying commercial furniture online is cheaper than going to a brick and mortar store, even if it advertises itself as wholesale. The question is, is it worth the savings to buy furniture online?

The main advantage of buying furniture online is that you will almost always get a lower price. This is because the online retailer usually doesn’t have all the expenses of running a store. They don’t have to pay rent for the showroom and don’t have many of the other expenses of having a store. Of course there are some websites that cater to high-end customers so it’s not always a given that  the price will be cheaper online, but if you are buying premium quality furniture, most likely the price will also be high in a retail store. Continue reading Buying Furniture Online vs. Retail

Increase Your Restaurant’s Traffic With Mobile Technology


Online marketing should be a part of every restaurant’s overall marketing plan. Every restaurant should have a website and a facebook page. This is an effective way to reach new and existing customers with new advertising campaigns, special promotions, news on new events, new menu items and provide location and hours. This is also a good way to introduce your restaurant to customers and let them view your menu.

Having an online presence is essential in today’s world. What’s become even more important is utilizing mobile technology to increase traffic and bring more revenue to your restaurant. Just about every one of your customers is going to have a mobile phone. Most will have smart phones. Therefore to optimize your online presence your website should have a mobile platform.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase traffic and sales is by integrating sms to your marketing plan. All mobile phones can receive sms messages, so this this will target 99% of your potential customer base. By contacting your customer through a variety of methods such as direct mail, email, facebook, advertising in restaurants by posting a sign or table topper, by including a short message on the receipt, radio, print ads and other methods you can to invite your opt-in and receive a text-message coupons. A local Ihop Restaurant executed a campaign where customers were invited to text IHOPFREE to receive a free short stack of pancakes. The campaign was very successful in increasing traffic including many upsells whereby those redeeming the coupon invited friends or family who bought other menu items.   Continue reading Increase Your Restaurant’s Traffic With Mobile Technology

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